Governorship of İzmir (Izmir Valiligi) is one of the 81 province governorships of Turkey.  The administration in Turkey is based on the principles of centralization and local administration. The administrative services of the country are carried out, besides the central administration, by local administration organizations, the provincial administrations (governorships).

Izmir Governorship represents the central government at provincial level. It is the highest public authority in the province and has a big structure that coordinates all activities in Izmir, the third biggest city in Turkey with 4 million population. The scope of activities includes education, security, environment, public works, culture, social services, health, integration of disadvantaged into the society, EU related activities etc.

Izmir Governorship has 256 staff. There are several sub-units under the Governorship and European Union and Foreign Relations Office is one of them. The Center plays an active role in dissemination, exploitation, evaluation and implementation parts of the projects in Izmir province. The Center has a broad experience in developing partnerships, is able to support and  promote the implementation of European policy agenda for growth, jobs, equality and social inclusion at local, national and EU level. It also works in cooperation with relevant public, municipal and social actors at local and national level.

Project coordinated by Izmir Governorship EU and Foreign Relations Office which is one of the sub-units of The Governorship. The Bureau was established in June 12, 2007 and works on folloving areas in Izmir.

        1) Promotion and Dissemination Activities

        2) Training Activities 

        3) Guidance and Consulting Activities

        4)  Project Activities.

The first training activity on introducing and writing projects (PCM) was organized in 2007.  A lot of people working in different governmental and non governmental organizations, universities and other social organizations participated in these trainings.  Similar trainings are organized regularly and in total 1690 people participated since 2007. The office also stands as Eurodesk contact point and raises awareness among young people on learning mobility opportunities and to encourage them to become active citizens. Besides, it guides and gives consulting services to individuals, organizations and institutions willing to write projects or already running projects via face to face interviews, phone calls or e-mails.