İzmir/Karabağlar District Governorship

Izmir is the 3rd biggest city of Turkey and Karabağlar District is one of the important metropolitan districts of Izmir. Its area is 37 km2 and as of 2014 has a population of 473.741.

Its neighbors are Gaziemir, Buca, Konak and Balçova. Kavacık Grape Festival ”is held in Karabağlar, and it is one of the leading furniture production regions of our country.

Akçakale (Akçakaya) Ruins located in the district, which has a history of approximately 2500 years, was declared as a first degree archaeological site. This is also the oldest settlement in the district.


The scope of activities within the governorship includes education, security, environment, public works, culture, social services, health, integration of the disadvantaged into society, various local projects and EU related activities, etc.

Among local projects, there is one which aims to meet the need for professional staff and to bring the citizens within the scope of probation as a disadvantaged group into the business life and to bring them to the society. In this project, these citizens are trained to be an expert painter and are assigned to paint the government schools with limited budgets.


 “The Textile Machinery Operators Training and Harmonization Center” project is the one which Karabağlar Governorship is the local partner organization.


a) The participants of the project will receive “a shirt sewing

machine operator” training in the newly established Vocational

Educational Center and the aim of the project is to enable access of the

participants into the local labor market.

b) In order to sustain social

adaptation of the refugees, they will be offered the same training in the

same class with locals which will have a positive effect on their linguistic

skills as well. So, the attendants of the project will benefit from the

training in terms of having a positive consequence on strengthening

knowledge and acceptance of diversity in society.

c) The Syrian

participants will also follow a Turkish language course (For 2017, 36

Syrians, 200-hours A1 level Turkish Language Course) besides the

vocational training (36 Syrians + 14 Locals = 50 people, 232 Hours Shirt

Sewing Machine Operator Course) and the linguistic skills they gain will

help their social inclusion. d) The textile sector representatives will

provide good guidance with regards to the lack of labor force in the sector

in order for the participants to get in the legal labor market. Izmir

Chamber of Shirt manufacturers, Tricot and similar, as the main project

partner, has proposed 50% of recruitment guarantee to the participants.

Besides them, all sector representatives will assist the participants during

their career path.


By the end of January 2018, once all participants successfully finish the

program, 36 participants will have acquired an A1 level Turkish language certificate and 50 of them will have obtained Shirt Sewing Machine Operator Certificates.


Another project is “Promoting of Women Health Through Home” in which Karabağlar Governorship is local partner.


-         Delivery of health care services for the refugee women in postpartum period rates will be increased

-         Women needed postpartum care will be followed up in their home.

-         Supporting of healthy reproduction will be provided for the refugee women by home care services.


-         Postpartum refugee women needed home care will be determined in İzmir.

-         Home Care Teams will be formed concerning postpartum care (doctor, nurse, psychologist, social care specialist etc.)

-         Packages of postpartum care will be prepared (included health care, woman care and baby care materials)

-         Women in postpartum period will be examined after discharge on 2-5 days 13.-17. days and 30-42. days.

-         Breastfeeding will be assessed and if needed mother must be supported related to breastfeeding.

-         Laboratory Tests (hemoglobin, complete urine analysis, if necessary)

-         Care and Consultancy are going to be provided (Following the hemorrhage-loshia,  Urine problems, Pain control)


One more local project is about social inclusion and employment.

In this project, It is aimed to contribute to the development of the professional skills of the local citizens and Syrian foreigners in the scope of temporary protection residing in Izmir. “Textile Machinery and Operator Training and Adaptation Center” project aims to train and employ the participants on the shirt sewing and straight sewing skills. The participants also get A1 level of Turkish language certificate and they are facilitated with a kindergarten in the center to enable their participation in the highest level.


Karabağlar District governorship also facilitates the children in the district with a swimming pool. The governorship is the local partner of the Ministry of Youth and Sports within the project “Every child can swim”. Free courses are given to a target group of 1500 children who were born between 2008/2013 so that every child can learn to swim. Besides swimming courses, some other sports, art, board games courses are also available to empower children in soft skills.  


As for the international projects: «Empowerment of the Local Authorities/Administrations in the Management of Migration (Together&Stronger)”, which Karabağlar Governorship is a local partner, is to support local authorities to develop or further develop migration management policies in local authorities/administrations through town-twinning, as well as strengthening relations by transferring good practices.

The specific objectives are;

1.    to increase the capacities of the local administrations/authorities to implement migration management policies on the basis of knowledge acquired during the practical training sessions and through the network provided via the platform;

2.    to reinforce the role of local administrations/authorities in EU integration process;

3.    to establish international cooperation among local authorities/administrations by transferring good practices.

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