Izmir Ataturk Youth Center

The Organisation Name is Izmir Ataturk Youth Center; Izmir Ataturk Youth Center is subsidiary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. First of all, Izmir Ataturk Youth Center works for young people between the ages of 12 and 29 . The Youth Center’s aim is to develop young people’s social, personal, cultural and sports acts and spending their leisure time in a high quality in the center. The center has lots of youth clubs (15 different club) such as; international project club, sports club, foreign languages club, traditional arts club, cinema club etc, tecnology works club… and the center carries out lots of different activities related to computing, arts (painting and design), theatre, chess competitions, music courses and sports (table tennis, football, volleyball etc.).

Add to this, the encouraging of the entrepreneurship for the participants such as organizing seminars, trainings, etc Also, the center organising trainings (topics: intercultural learning, social inclusion, PCM, Personal Development etc) As center, we use Non - Formal Education Methods on this trainings. Every year we are organizing Youth and Expert Exchanges with our international partners. In addition, the center works with Izmir Governorship, Youth Centers and NGO’s. The center always open to make new partnerships on local, national and international.

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