Buca Youth and Sports District Directorship

To carry out local government policies in the field of youth and sports and to organize youth and sports activities in cooperation with other public institutions and organizations.


Some of our projects;


-My Center is Everywhere Project (Nursery home visits-reading book; Child Care Homes-sports activities;  In schools, playing games with children such as mangala, dart..etc; Teaching cartoons to children in prisons);


- Goodness Tree of Youth Project (caring street animals such as finding shelter to them, feeding etc; seminars held against drug addiction; holding seminars against drug addiction; arranging seminars on preventing  women violence etc);

- Reading Circles Project (Encouraging young people to read and protecting them from bad habits)

- Code 2023 Project (Local software, teaching the coding system to young people and encouraging them to write their own games)

- Cities and Cultures Project (to ensure that children, who have not traveled anywhere YET,  see the beautiful places in different provinces and meet new friends and different cultures)

- Youth Camps (Hosting children in Marine and Nature Camps for one week and showing them the beauty of establishing friendships by arranging activities such as teaching foreign languages, folk dances, playing games etc.).

He has also worked in some local projects such as;


- One Chance to Youth Project (to recruit children in prisons by providing their coach and material support to make them do sports);

- Be Healthy Project (Supporting healthy life by raising awareness about obesity with the help of nutritionist and coaches);  

- One overarm to Hope, One overarm to Health Project (successful and economically disadvantaged children learn how to swim free of charge).

Also, he has been taking part in dissemination activities of DEVHEPA Erasmus+ Sports Project. Besides, he worked at the Regional Youth Workshop organized in Izmir in 2012 for the purpose of determining National Youth Policies.

-Turkey sports orientation and the ability to project

-Tiny fathoms project for the future

-Winter project while running

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