Izmir Bakircay University

Izmir Bakircay University is a public institution of higher education in Turkey founded in 2016, operating fully in Bologna System. At Izmir Bakircay University, the language of instruction is Turkish in all of the departments except the Management Information Systems (MIS) Department at the School of Economics and Administrative Studies. The University was awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) in October 2019. Incoming Erasmus students can take courses among elective courses pool in English and German.

We are seeking Erasmus partners for academic cooperation as Izmir Bakircay University. As a young and dynamic University, we aim to establish our international relations with successful departments of universities worldwide.  We want to see you among our other Erasmus partners as we believe it will be invaluable for our students to enjoy a semester/year of their education in your University. Therefore, we want to reach an agreement between our departments including student, teaching staff and staff training mobility. 



There is a general structure of the university.

Faculty of Science and Literature

1.     Geography

2.     Psychology

3.     Sociology

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

1.     Economics

2.     Business Administration

3.     Management Information Systems

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

1.     Computer Engineering

2.     Biomedical Engineering

3.     Electrical and Electronics Engineering

4.     Industrial Engineering

Faculty of Health Sciences

1.     Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

2.     Nursing

3.     Healthcare Management

4.     Speech and Language Therapy

Faculty of Medicine

Vocational School of Justice

School of Foreign Languages

Graduate School of Science

Graduate School of Health Sciences

Graduate School of Social Sciences



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