Associação Sójovem das Saibreira

Sójovem Association was born in 1994 in the city of Ermesinde, about seven kilometres far from the beautiful city of Porto, Portugal. The main objective is to promote social inclusion and a healthy occupation of leisure time to its associates, through educational, cultural and sporting activities. Since its origin, Sójovem has developed numerous activities aimed at the promotion of culture and sport inserted in a healthy lifestyle and with the Institute of Employment and Professional Training we develop several training courses in areas related with entrepreneurship, culture and social inclusion for youngsters with fewer opportunities. Our association it is also a member of the Federation of Youth Associations in the district of Porto and of the National Federation of Youth Associations. Bringing us a lot of support and inspiration. We seek to be an intermediate tool and enabler of conditions and capabilities that help the unemployed of our local communities and our city on the front line, fighting together for credible and effective solutions in obtaining work that dignifies and inserts the citizen in the active population, making it a growth agent of social and economic development. Another impact that we create in our community is the support in the after-school activities in the local surroundings, creating a bridge through education with the youngsters and it relatives.

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