Center for European Policy Studies on Regional and Local Development


“Centre for European Policy Studies on Regional and Local  Development, is created through the decision no. 748, dated  04.05.2012 of Tirana District Court. The objective of the center: Conduct studies and development of a network of cooperation and information exchange multi-leveled policy of regional and local development in the territory of Albania (in the context of Balkan, Mediterranean, European and global).


-The center promote and organize meetings that deal with the topic of regional and local sustainable development in economic, social, cultural and environmental area, as well as relevant policies.

-The center acts as a centre for training and sensibilization for interested individuals and groups, within the scope of its activity. It organizes and promotes seminars, meetings and conferences related to this field.

-The center establishes relationship with local and foreign analogues organization in order to exchange experiences, promote best practices as well as the collection and presentation of case studies of national, regional and local interest.

-The center conducts applied and theoretical research, education and consulting activity in the field of regional and local sustainable development.

-The center promotes and favour the scientific cooperation between albanian and foreign researchers, operating in the development of the analyse sector, assessment of local resources and environmental, cultural and territorial impact, of the development and their compatibility with the European directives and the development indicators formulated at the international level.



1-To create a center of meetings and exchanges of knowledge, opinions and information  between operators and researchers to the development of local and regional order to develop a learning community on topics of regional and local development.

2-To promote cultural initiatives, studies and research and to guide continuous education in the field of regulation of the development of the territory under European perspective

3-To activate network  of relations and strengthening of social capital involved and interested in local development through an action of networking between different typologies of local institutions.

4- Transmit knowledge and models of interpretation of local development dynamics that characterize our country and the system of SME-s and their mode of regulation, interpersonal network through typical for non-profit organizations,  thus contributing to the production of knowledge as the public good.

We feature such objectives Centre will organize conferences and seminars, training courses, perfection and update: promoting ourself and other research centers, research laboratories, promoting and participating in projects such purposes, shall publish documents and studies, will gather information and make it circulate and will give impetus actualization of joint actions to achieve its goals. Centre may accede to initiatives consistent with its social purpose in cooperation with public and private entities, domestic or foreign, including universities.

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