ARES scarl

ARES is a VET organization founded in 1988 in Campobasso Italy. Its areas of expertise are:

- CAREER GUIDANCE: ARES specialized in innovative empowerment and upskilling methodologies called Job Club + (including self-help, counselling and key training) validated on a large scale within 3 EU projects. Vulnerable groups (long-term unemployed, migrants, NEETs) became ARES’ main focus. Now ARES is one of the most experienced organization in the EU in this field

- INNOVATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP & LABOUR ORGANIZATION: digitalization and sustainability inspired ARES to develop innovative models of business creation and management based on goal-setting, digital environments and self-regulation, validated by “Digital Workplace” Erasmus+ project inter alia

- HR MANAGEMENT & CERTIFICATION OF COMPETENCES: competences acquired in in/non-formal contexts are the focus of a special performance-based methodology ARES developed, being included as EU Best Practice in the ECVET Erasmus+ project and publications.

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