The International Academy of Management and Technology (INTAMT) e.V. has been involved in international knowledge exchange and technology transfer and is committed to a broad-based transnational dialogue between the countries of the EU and the former Soviet Union. Within the framework of this activity, INTAMT has been qualifying specialists, executives, researchers and NGO representatives from Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South Caucasus in Germany and other EU countries for around 15 years. Our focus lays on a wide range of fields and includes the following areas: education, administration and public services, technology and innovation management as well as social sector and health care. Since its foundation in 2005, around 6,500 people have taken part in over 600 training seminars and study trips organized by our Academy. INTAMT has created a platform for educational exchange programs and knowledge transfer. Through conferences, study visits and seminars for continuous professional development political, public and private institutions from different countries are brought together and collaboration networks between them are built.

Besides activities in the area of continuing professional education, the INTAMT Academy has been engaged as initiator and consortia coordinator in the implementation of transnational educational, consulting and social projects, including  those funded by the EU-Commission, UNICEF, World Bank, German Federal Government etc.

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