RIPALIMOSANI- is a small mountain village in the province of Campobasso, in Molise, in central southern Italy. It rises in a very varied territory: the gaze, traveling from the village to the horizon, caresses the peaks of many hills, while to the north it meets the valley of the Biferno river.

Ripalimosani borders the following municipalities: Campobasso, Castropignano, Limosano, Matrice, Montagano, Oratino.

RIPALIMOSANI MUNICIPALITY- with about 3,200 inhabitant, over the years has participated in several European projects included in the erasmus+ programs.

The Municipality of Ripalimosani is one of the most active municipality in topics such as integration and welcoming of refugees. Ripalimosani is part of Molise Region (the most involved region in Italy about refugees and immigrants programme). By considering the small size of the Municipality (3000 inhabitants) and 100 refugees and immigrants present at moment it could represent a very important centre for the sperimentation of many activities related to the integration: linguistic lessons, job searching techninques e civic and democratic participation. The minucipality is in strong relation with all the municipalities of the region representing the main representative of the network.

-Ripalimosani Municipality- The project has allowed the Municipality to expand its cognitive horizon with regard to migration policies.

Ripalimosani City-The project has the permission of the community of Ripalimosani, always inclined to welcome, to be opened to confrontation with other forms of hospitality.