Empowerment of the Local Authorities/Administrations in the Management of Migration (Together&Stronger)

The overall objective is to support local authorities to develop or further develop migration management policies in local authorities/administrations through town-twinning, as well as strengthening relations by transferring good practices.

The specific objectives are;

  • to increase the capacities of the local administrations/authorities to implement migration management policies on the basis of knowledge acquired during the practical training sessions and through the network provided via the platform;
  • to reinforce the role of local administrations/authorities in EU integration process;
  • to establish international cooperation among local authorities/administrations by transferring good practices.

The target group of the proposal is Izmir Governorship, Bornova, Dikili, Karabağlar, Konak, and Torbalı District Governors under İzmir Governorship; Municipality of Ripalimosani, ARES, Doctors of the World Turkey.

The final beneficiaries will be local authorities, universities and CSOs in the twinned cities, locals, migrants (including refugees under temporary protection) living in Izmir and Italy.

Main Activities:

  • Study Visit to Italy and Training on EU Legislation on Migration Management
  • Need Analysis Survey among 2000 refugees in Izmir and 1000 refugees in Molise Region
  • Preparing “Migration Management Policy Document”
  • Developing an online “Migration Management Cooperation Platform”
  • Local Authorities and Migration Management Policies Symposium and Migration Management Workshop in Izmir
  • Signature of Sister City Agreement between Izmir and Ripalimosani
  • Final Conference in Izmir

Expected Outputs:

  • 15 people from local authorities/administrations in Izmir will be trained on EU legislation on migration management and they will observe services for migrants
  • Report on social integration problems of migrants in Izmir and Molise Region will be prepared
  • “Local Authorities and Migration Management Policies” Symposium will be held
  • Workshop on Migration Management with participation of local authorities, administrators, academicians, experts will be organized
  • Sustainable Migration Management Needs Analysis: Izmir and Molise Regions” report will be published
  • One sister city agreement will be signed
  • An online Migration Management Cooperation Platform will be established
  • Outputs of the project and findings of the survey among migrants will be disseminated at the Final Conference


  • Izmir Governorship – Lead Applicant
  • Municipality of Ripalimosani – Co-Applicant
  • A.RE.S. Scarl. – Co-Applicant
  • Doctors of the World Turkey – Co-Applicant


İzmir Governorship

EU and Foreign Relations Department

+90 232 455 82 82


Municipality of Ripalimosani

+39 0874 39132


A.RE.S. Scarl

+39 0874 698458


Doctors of the World

İzmir Office

+90 232 483 00 43